Formaldehyde in Plywood – What you should know

When it comes to plywood manufacturing, few building materials are as popular and notorious as formaldehyde. Companies primarily use the compound to make pressed timber products such as plywood, MDF, and particle boards. However, multiple scientific studies have shown a potential link between formaldehyde use and certain cancers. This lead the World Health Organisation to reclassify the compound as a carcinogen. Is formaldehyde a really dangerous compound? Should you be worried about the compound found your plywood? Let’s take a closer look at the issue. Formaldehyde is a pretty common chemical. It is present in various products inside our homes. Our wallpapers, textiles, vinyl and even toothpaste contain formaldehyde. The plywood that makes up your ceilings, walls and cabinets also contains formaldehyde, since plywood products … Continue reading Formaldehyde in Plywood – What you should know